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A Fantastic Start!

Updated: May 30, 2021

Hi All,

The return to training has been met with a great enthusiasm and work rate by our wonderful students.

In particular the most recent venue at Evendons School, Finchampstead Road, Wokingham has been a great success. We are extremely grateful to the support offered to our new venture by the staff at Evendons and look forward to a long and healthy relationship.

Karate has come a long way, and we carry the baton into the future.

See you all in the Dojo!


Latest announcement from SSKA, Chief Instructor, Sensei Cole:


  1. There will be no pre-grading or gradings in June. Instead, it will be catch-up lessons for all grades.

  2. On June 6th and 20th, there will be karate training covering all aspects of Shotokan Karate at Woodford Park Leisure Centre, Woodley.

Lessons will start at 0930 until 1100. The cost will be £10 pp. Due to limited numbers allowed, please arrive early.


  1. All gradings (10th kyu to Shodan) will now take place in July. Woodley grading on 4th July and Swindon grading on 11th. Further details to follow.

  2. Because of Covid19 and lockdowns, special rates for licence renewals are available. Please refer to the SSKA website for details.

  3. Students can double or triple grade, if they wish. Only one lesson fee is payable and then each grading fee. Please advise how many belts are required.

  4. Those students grading for 1st kyu who fail part of their grade can regrade again on the same day after some further training/coaching. A second grading fee will apply.

  5. Those students grading for black belt who fail only part of their grade, can regrade again on the same day after some further training/coaching. A second grading fee will apply.

  6. Students who paid for their grading in 2020, but have yet to grade will have nothing to pay, unless they wish to double/triple grade. The extra grading fee will be payable.

  7. Due to lockdown, students may be in possession of an out-of-date Licence. A licence renewal fee will be required. Please ensure that you check licences beforehand. Payments can be made online on the SSKA website, to my address or at one of the catch-up courses.

  8. Grading and Licence forms can be downloaded from the SSKA website.

Summer Camp 13th to 15th August 2021 will definitely take place. Please use the form which is available on the SSKA website. Payment can be made online, by post to my home address or at one of the catch-up courses.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Best wishes.

Stuart Cole.

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