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W.S.K.A. and mental health

Les Bubka and Jon McLean from the movement "Karate for Mental Health" have awarded Sensei Gary Leyshon with certification of W.S.K.A. membership.

The Karate for Mental Health vision is to create a fund via government grants, donations, fundraising, and sales of merchandise in order to provide support for students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are struggling financially.

The main focus of KFMH is to improve the mental health and well-being of people through the practice of Karate.

Their strategy is to distribute the available funds across the member clubs to individuals via a referral program. Once a student is referred to the KFMH programme their referral is examined and if appropriate, approved. Once approved, the student's club receives funding to subsidise the cost of that individual's training.

It is our hope that via this support we can create positive changes for as many people as possible, enabling them to reap the benefits of Karate and promoting the inclusion of everyone.

If you feel your would benefit from a referral for W.S.K.A., then get in touch with Sensei Leyshon to discuss further.

If you'd like to read more about Karate for Mental Health their visit their Facebook page.

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