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And we're back!

Updated: May 30, 2021


As we move toward our final Zoom classes (last one this Saturday morning), I wanted to thank you all for your loyalty in difficult and unprecedented times.

We initially held three and then more recently four Zoom sessions each week throughout the lockdown periods in 2020 and 2021.

What started off as a trial, quickly became a secret pleasure, maintaining friendships and allowing us all to review the basic (and often finer) aspects of our kihon, kumite and kata techniques. Ironically, I think that the sessions have helped develop our understanding which is critical to success.

The hard core of 20 students or so who trained week in week out, thank you for your loyalty, respect and hard work. For the others who were uncomfortable with Zoom and/or training in confined spaces, I know from our conversations that you are keen to resume your studies and have shown your support, respect and loyalty in a myriad of ways. You are all a credit to the art and the S.S.K.A.

We had our first couple of "face to face" training sessions recently and although numbers were small, they were a great success. All present training with passion and renewed vigour for our beloved karate.

We are relocating to a new venue in Wokingham at Evendons Primary (Tuesday 18.30 to 20.00) and then on Saturday at Woodford Leisure Centre in Woodley (15.30 to 17.00). We are also retaining our links with Wokingham Youth Centre and Emmbrook Senior School, more details to follow.

Within the next two months, we have courses and gradings at Woodley with Sensei Cole and it looks like the S.S.K.A. Summer Camp will also go ahead in August. There is a lot to look forward to.

I believe it is a new beginning for our wonderful club and its members and we should grasp the opportunity with both hands.

Please review the S.S.K.A. site regularly for further information on courses and licence renewals.

Best wishes and keep practising.

Gary Leyshon

Gary Leyshon

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