Wednesday eve: Emmbrook Senior School, Wokingham 6.15-7.15pm Junior grades/beginners

7.15 - 8.15pm Senior grades

Saturday afternoon: Wokingham Youth Centre 3.30-5.00pm All grades



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Dojo Kun (etiquette)

Etiquette is very important in the dojo. Respect and discipline are part of the culture of karate.

On entering or leaving the Dojo

You must always bow (rei) when entering or leaving the Dojo and say "oss" as a mark of respect.

If you are late

If you arrive late and training has already commenced, kneel by the door facing the Sensei. When the Sensei has told you to join in you may find your place - always do this from behind the line-up.

Jewellery and piercings

Always remove jewellery or facial piercings prior to the start of every session. If for any reason you cannot remove the item of jewellery please cover with a plaster or tape.

Personal Hygiene

Always ensure that you come to the Dojo clean - your nails and toenails should be kept trimmed. Your gi (karate suit) should be clean and tidy.

Adjusting your karate suit or belt

During the course of a session you may feel the need to adjust or re-arrange your karate suit or belt. You should always face the other way (back to class and Sensei) to do this as a mark of respect, and turn back when you have completed the task.